I Adore God-Lessons My Husband Teaches

My husband, Van, adores me. How do I know? He shows me every day in a multitude of ways.
He says, “I love you,” throughout the day. When he walks by my office or through the kitchen. When he kisses me hello or good night. In texts. While we watch TV.

He insists on “face-time.” Just the two of us, sitting across from one another, talking about our day, hopes and dreams, disappointments. His attention is on me. Phone put away. TV off. It’s just Van and Debbie, talking and sharing from our hearts. He listens and he shares what’s on his heart too.

Some days I get a text or a call, “Hey Sweetie, I stopped at the market and got some stuff for dinner. Punctuated by emoji hearts.

Or that chore I don’t want to do is magically done when I get home.

Whenever we’re out together, he holds my hand.

I’ve overheard him brag about me to his friends when he doesn’t know I’m listening.

Those are just a few of the ways Van shows he adores me.

I can learn a lot from Van about how to treat the God I adore. Continue reading “I Adore God-Lessons My Husband Teaches”

God Whispers I Love You for You

It’s been quiet here at Uncharted Water. Not that I may not have things to say, but I fell into that lie. The one Satan quietly, subtly, persistently nags into my brain. “You,” he whispers, “are not a writer.”

And it’s true. I’ve never considered myself a writer. Writer is not on my list of words I use to define myself.

“You,” he says, “can never do all the things fill in the blank with any one of a hundred names of gifted bloggers do. Post every day. Graphics. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest.”

And it’s true. I cannot keep up with all of those extras that make a blog sparkle. Get people’s attention.

“You,” he advised, “shouldn’t bother.”

And yet, people keep looking at my Facebook site for Uncharted Water. Is that God answering? Saying, “You can.” And more importantly, “I want you to. It doesn’t matter how many readers or followers. Your impact on one is enough.”

The most important message, “Why are you comparing yourself to others? I made you to be you. I love you.”

As I write these words, the battle waging in my mind, I fear you, person reading my words, will try to reassure me. But that’s not the message God has for me. Or you.

Over and over, above the racket Satan uses to distract me, God whispers, I love you. I love you for you. I am not comparing you to someone I like more. You are my beloved child. Jesus died for you. 

He says the same thing to you.

God doesn’t compare His children. He loves each and every one of us. He created each of us with unique gifts and abilities so we can glorify Him. The only measure of success we need to achieve is glorifying God. Keeping our eyes fixed on Him. Serving Him. Loving Him.

What lie is Satan feeding you? Do not let him distract you from the message God has for you: You are His beloved. All the time.


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We are of Value to God

I know it’s a cliche, but one of the best parts of being a teacher is having eight weeks of vacation during the summer. I value this time as a period of rest, getting household cleaning projects done, and time with family and friends.

My daughter, Erin, works for the United States Postal Service as a supervisor in a plant that sorts mail. Because her children are teenagers—Zach is almost 15 and Katie is 13—she works the graveyard shift. She gets home just in time to get them to school, sleeps while they’re at school, and gets up a few short hours later to pick them up and spend the afternoon helping with homework, spending time with them, and eating dinner together. That means I don’t see her very often during the school year, because our days off don’t coincide.

I love the days in the summer when I can make the 2 hour drive to her home and enjoy time visiting. Last week, we went to see Finding Dory (which I highly recommend, no matter what the age). Next week, we’re going to the beach and then I’ll bring Katie home with me. My other granddaughter, Robyn, will join us. I look forward to a week of giggles, art projects, baking cookies, silliness, and hugs. Just the thought of being with these people I love puts a song in my heart.

Spending time. No agenda. Listening. Being together. I value this more than words can say.

I am of value to God

God values me like this. He wants nothing more than me. My attention. No agenda. Listening; He listens to me and I listen to Him.

It’s another thing I love about summer. I have time to linger over His Word. To gaze out the window at His creation—and sit outside on the patio when it’s not 100º—meditating on what He reveals to me. Or being amazed at His gifts (thank you, Ann Voskamp). I’ve spent hours watching the birds take baths in the sprinklers this summer, fluffing their feathers to dry. Admired the smell of jasmine and basil, the magenta bougainvillea and red roses, the sounds of birds chirping and tweeting.

I sit amazed. I am of great value to God. Just the way I am. He loves me. He wants to spend time with me and is always there, waiting. Ready to welcome me into His presence.

And that is the greatest gift of all.