Walking with God

Changes in a New Season

I started blogging five years ago. Unscheduled, unwanted changes caused me to feel lost and unsure. My oldest daughter passed away four years before my first blog post, and I struggled with grief. The team I worked with and I was never on the same page. It seemed I had...

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Walking with God

Be Still Before God Along the Way

As I continued to make my way around the lake, I grew tired. For one thing, I never intended to walk further than from my car to where I planted my chair for the afternoon. Then when the pink-flowered tree caught my attention, I planned on heading back to my chair after...

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Walking with God

God is Never Done with His Children

I think I’m done. Crushed, trampled, isolated. What good can come from the hurt? Why are others successful, tromping over my hopes and dreams? Leaving me behind. Feeling Like I Was Done Ponderosa Pines surround Goldwater Lake, providing shade on the trail. Pinecones lie...

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Walking with God

Trust in the Lord: Lessons at the Lake 4

While I walked around Goldwater Lake, I looked in all directions, including down. I didn’t want to slip on the uneven ground of dirt and rocks. Also, I’ve learned that I often see gifts when I slow down enough to stop once in a while and take stock of what God placed...

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Walking with God

Celebrate True Freedom in Christ

Everywhere I look, I see flags waving proudly. The United States celebrates independence on July 4, 242 years since the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and a new nation was born. Freedom is always associated with the great country I love. Our freedoms are...

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Hi, I'm Debbie. A planner convinced I knew where I wanted to go and the best way to get there. Until I found myself traveling in uncharted water, feeling alone and unsure. My compassionate, loving God heard my cries of distress and reminded me He never leaves me nor forsakes me. The stories I share here are what I'm learning as I let God plan the journey and surrender to whatever and wherever He takes me.

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