About: a Journey with God in Uncharted Water

I am a recovering perfectionist traveling in the uncharted water of life, trusting God in the calm and tranquil as well as the dark and stormy seas. These are the stories of my journey to letting God be the navigator and transform me with His grace and love. 
Uncharted Water Requires Surrender

A perfectionist for most of my life I convinced myself I knew what I needed and how to get it. I knew and loved God and His Son, Jesus. But I lived on my schedule and did everything my way, convinced that enough effort and hard work resulted in the life I wanted. I had little patience for mess, clutter, or people who didn’t have it all together.

God has a better plan for me and His plan requires complete dependence on Him. To show me this, He placed me in uncharted waters in a boat I didn’t know how to navigate. Taking me places I didn’t want to go to, often leaving me feeling like I had no idea where I was going, God taught me the Truth: I don’t need a perfect life. Or my idea of a perfect life.

I only need one thing: God.

He never leaves. Holds me close. Wipes away my tears. Fills me with peace. Even when I may think my boat is too close to the rocks or sinking or adrift, God guides my boat. He charted the course, and He never makes a mistake.

God’s Grace in Uncharted Water

My life journey doesn’t match the one I envisioned, but I am learning to both receive and give His grace as I trust God to take me where ever He wants me to be. And as long as I stay on the boat, God continues to give me opportunities to learn and grow. He transforms me so I  make imperfect progress in learning compassion, kindness, patience, joy, love, gentleness from the Master.

I am blessed to have a husband, Van, who supports my journey.  We have two daughters, both grown; the oldest is in heaven with our Savior and the youngest lives eight hours away. We are also blessed with three grandchildren who are the source of endless joy.

I recently retired from teaching seventh grade English and History and moved to the uncharted water of Arizona. I love to read, bake cookies, and spend time enjoying the beauty of God’s world.

The blog posts are thoughts and responses to where God is taking me now. The one thing I can count on is God’s faithfulness, no matter how I feel at the moment.

God continues to work in my stubborn heart to soften, mold, and renew it in ways I never thought I needed. How wrong I was. How wise God is. No matter what happens, He is there, guiding me through the uncharted water. He always knows exactly where I am going and has a plan to get me there. All He needs from me is trust and faith.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I pray you see God working as you read and He touches your life as much as He does mine.

uncharted water

One thought on “About: a Journey with God in Uncharted Water”

  1. God has been reshaping my life for some time now, I’m definitely not who I was. The experiences I lived through as a child left me a scarred, fearful, cynical, unloved and angry. I lived most of my life like that. To put it mildly – life was no bowl of cherries. I battled bipolar manic depression with suicidal tendencies for years. I did my share of self-medicating to kill the pain; but nothing ever worked – that is, until I met Jesus.
    it’s taken some time, but I’m healing very well under the care of the Great Physician! He’s closed some doors but then opened new ones and I’m just excited to be along with Him for the journey. May you be blessed in the LORD, today and always. 🙂 Jodee

Thank you for joining me on my journey with God in uncharted water. Please let me know how He is working in your life.