While I grew up, my mom had this cranberry-colored satin quilt. It stayed in the linen closet unless I was sick. Then she’d get it out and cover me with its softness. Somehow as soon as she gently placed it over me and kissed my forehead, I felt better. Even when I wasn’t sick, when I opened the linen cupboard and saw it waiting on the bottom shelf, it made me feel special and loved.

Since Thursday night when Daddy went to the hospital, God Himself has provided the love and care that quilt symbolized to me when I was a little girl. Every email, text, phone call, and post on Facebook, is a square in the quilt of comfort stitched together by a loving God.

In this time of loss and grief, God’s quilt of people reaching out reminds me I belong to Him and to His family. I am covered now, not by a cranberry-colored satin quilt, but by prayer and words of comfort and encouragement. And like that blanket from my childhood, I will feel special and loved far beyond the time when the quilt is drawn up close. Each message is tucked away in the cupboard of my heart, to be reread and bring that tangible reminder of belonging forever.

This is a belated Five Minute Friday post. Thank you, Lisa Jo Baker, for a perfect word for this week.

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