Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

A found poem is a poem using the words from another source. This poem is made up of words from Annie F. Down’s book, Let’s All be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have, which I read to participate in the (in) courage book club, Bloom. It was an incredible experience, and I hope this poem expresses how much Annie’s words, my online conversations, and own reflections impacted my life. 

Because there was so much inspiration and wonderful, thought-provoking ideas in Annie’s book, I divided the poem into nine sections to make it readable. Similarly to how I participated in 31 Days of Just Write, I will posted one part of the poem each day for the nine days.

This page is my anchor page. You can find the link to each poem here.

I encourage you to read Annie’s book for yourself. It is well worth the time, and you’ll be inspired by Annie’s own words, with her story woven in, challenging you to be brave and live with everything you have.



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