Choose to Draw Near to God

Draw near to God

I have a sign taped to my computer: You are as close to God as you choose to be. As it’s supposed to, it caught my eye this morning when I rolled my chair the few inches from my keyboard to my workspace. And the question hit me–How close am I going to be to God today? Will I draw near, or keep my distance?

Close to God

Will I notice Him when I look at the student throwing erasers? Will I speak to him with kindness and grace, or irritation and impatience?

Will I hear His voice reminding me I am loved, chosen, free? Or will I ignore Him and act weary, overburdened, and defeated?

Am I going to walk with Him in conversation all day? Will I let the Word I read this morning penetrate my heart and mind? Or will I let the noise of the world drown out His voice?

God is always there. But I have to choose to be near Him.

It takes perseverance to draw near to God. Distractions pull at me. The phone rings, messages ding, people call. The world flashes signs with bells and whistles demanding my attention. “Just this one more thing,” I think. Before I turn to God, there is something else that grabs me, and I run in another direction. Over and over.

When I finally have a minute or two to draw my breath, I sink into a chair and look at Facebook, check a Tweet, turn on the TV, read a book.

Finally I look at the clock and panic. Time has run out.

Jesus waits quietly for me to choose Him first. He gently calls me to sit at His feet, rest in His arms, and listen to Him.

 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Choose to draw near to God

Today, I want to choose Jesus. Draw near to Him. Be refreshed by His gentleness instead of buried by a shouting world.

All the things I truly long for–peace, joy, gentleness–given freely by my Savior. All I have to do is take the first step. Choose to draw near to God.

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Author: Debbie Putman

I am a child of God, seeking to trust Him in every joy and sorrow. Sharing my walk is my husband, Van. God blessed me with two beautiful daughters and three delightful grandchildren. I teach seventh grade English and History, love to read and bake cookies, watch the birds in my backyard, and the ocean.

5 thoughts on “Choose to Draw Near to God”

  1. Truth, sister! It is a choice and a discipline!!! But much like the benefit of getting up for a brisk run, the benefits of cornering off time with God are immediately worth it…and further effects continue to trickle in…
    Brilliant post, and beautiful blog!
    Happy Thursday!!!

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