Forty-eight years ago I sat in a sea of UCLA students at the Coliseum, watching my first season of UCLA football. At eleven, being in the stands with my dad and thousands of screaming students gave me a life-long love for both UCLA and football. Daddy made those games fun in a million ways. His enthusiasm and attention helped me form one of my first long-term goals: be like Daddy and go to UCLA. With Daddy’s help and encouragement, I achieved that goal. And like Daddy, I will always bleed blue and gold.

Last night,Van & Debbie footbal 1 I attended my first game of the 2014 season. I couldn’t help thinking about how different things are now than they were in 1966.

UCLA still does the 8-clap, has the solid-gold-sound of our marching band, and wears our blue and gold uniforms. UCLA band

But it is a lot harder to focus just on the field. The band and cheerleaders valiantly play and try to get the fans to participate, but fans focus on the Jumbotron, watching commercials, replays, and interviews. Vendors march up and down the aisles waving signs, yelling, and selling their wares. During the National Anthem, more people looked at the picture of the stars and stripes on the screen than at the live color guard presenting marching and presenting the colors in perfect and respectful ceremony.

Are we distracted by all of the glitz and disillusioned with the core reason we come to game?

And then I wonder about my walk with God. Do I remember my focus belongs on Him? Or am I distracted with the task of reading and responding to questions instead of His Word? Am I seeking His Wisdom and His Will when I pray, or am I just asking for what I want? Am I rushing through my devotion time to check it off a to-do list, or am I worshiping? [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]God doesn’t ask for glitter. He wants me. All of me.  [/inlinetweet]Deuteronomy6_5Just write





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