As a mother and a teacher, I expected people to listen to me. Follow directions. Of course, it didn’t always happen. I don’t even want to think about the percentage of the time my daughters or my students did what I whatever I said.

That created frustration between me and whoever didn’t listen the first time…or second…or third. I hated repeating myself. So irritation crept into my voice when I said the same thing over and over. Or sometimes my reaction when my directions went a little too harsh when something didn’t get done.

A few years ago, I participated in Ann Voskamp’s The Jesus Project: Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us. As I read and meditated on the weekly verses from John, I realized every time I read the story of Jesus at the wedding, I glossed over the verse, “Do whatever he tells you.” Mary said those five simple words to the servants at a wedding when the host ran out of wine. 

Remarkably, the servants listened first to Mary, a woman, and then to Jesus. Neither Mary nor Jesus had any authority at the wedding. But the simple act of obedience resulted in the most delicious wine of the entire feast. The wine was so amazing the guests sought out the host to compliment him for both the wine and for saving the best for the end.

This marked the first of Jesus’ miracles, pointing to the fact He was the Son of God. That’s what I usually take away from this passage. But when I read those simple five words by themselves, I realized I needed to pay more attention.

Do whatever he tells you (John 2:5)

Three Lessons from Do Whatever He Tells You:
  1. Have Mary’s Confidence in God’s Plan
    Just like she did when the angel visited to announce she would bear God’s Son, Mary showed total confidence in something incomprehensible. Her son, the child she knew as only a mother can, was who God told her he would be. For thirty years, she watched, pondered, wondered. Now she shared. She knew deep in her heart the result would be amazing. She didn’t waver or question but trusted and acted on that trust.

Like Mary, I have a long relationship with Jesus. I know I can trust Him. And I should share what I know about Him with others. When I share the Truth, He provides the good.

  1. Be obedient like the servants.                                                                 Jesus’ direction to the servants couldn’t have made sense. Fill the jugs with water? How could that possibly solve the problem of no wine? People didn’t drink water very often. But servants didn’t ask questions. They followed orders. Imagine their surprise at the result of their obedience.

Like the servants, even when the directions don’t make sense to me or I don’t understand them, I must surrender and obey. I am His servant. Jesus’ works through my trust and obedience.

3. Jesus always provides abundant gifts.                                                    The water Jesus turned into wine was the best anyone drank all week. Most guests expected the host to serve the wine of lesser quality at the end of the party. But this was a gift from Jesus, not the host. Jesus always gives more than we ask or imagine. Always. What God provides is more than good. He gives His best.

I need to delight in the gifts Jesus gives. Enjoy the abundant life He offers.

And I need to be like Him. How can I provide good to others? Even when I feel inadequate, remember who fills me. Jesus, who turns water into wine. When I let Him work in me and through me, the Truth of who God is will show and others will benefit.

Prayer to Do Whatever He Tells Me

Thank You, Lord, for the abundance of good You give all the time. Help me delight in Your gifts, enjoying the abundance of goodness You provide in my life every day. Work in me and through me so others see Your grace and the gifts You give. Amen.

This is Day Twenty-seven of the #write31days2017 challenge. To read the earlier posts in #pray31daysforyourhome series, click here.

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