Enlighten my heart, God, with Your Word.

Enlighten my heart, God, with Your Word. Show me the way You want me to go today. Open my eyes to Your majesty today.

Pierce my heart with the wonder of You. Not just now, when the house is quiet, Your Word fresh in my mind. But in an hour when I sit in the car, needing to pay attention to what’s around me. In five hours when the noise and demands of seventh graders envelops me. Has been constant for hours and threatens to be all I notice because it does not stop. Enlighten my heart then so I see each one through Your eyes.

If You infuse my life with Your Word in the middle of my every day, Your light will shine in my life. Shine brightly enough so others see You. It won’t be me responding; it will be You.

You offering a smile to the child whose friend hurt their feelings at lunch and so has nothing written on their paper instead of me demanding an explanation. You explaining the directions to the one who didn’t pay attention because her thirteenth birthday is tomorrow instead of me saying, “I already explained this; read the directions.”

Enlighten my heart, God, with Your Spirit.

Change it. Soften it. Make me a doer of Your Word and not just a hearer. In ten hours, when I walk through the back door laden with groceries to put away and dinner still to cook, replace my tiredness with joy in serving. Fill my heart with love that overflows. Gratefulness for this man who jumps up to help, to share his day and listens to me share mine.

Through all of the noise and distractions, the urgent tasks demanding my attention, I want to see You, hear You, glorify You.

Enlighten my heart today, God.


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