For several years, I secretly longed for a front porch. Nothing fancy, just a small corner with a pot of flowers and maybe, hopefully, a swing. But it’s never been practical. So when I learned a front porch came with the new home we’re buying, my heart sang. You see, I’m expecting God to join me on my front porch. And I really need His help. I expect God to meet me on my front porch and help me with my 3 Rs of retirement.

Expecting God’s Presence

Something about being outside, amazed by God’s creativity, always makes me feel closer to Him. I worship in awe and wonder at His majesty. Even when I plan to read, being outside distracts me, draws me closer to God. I spend more time talking to Him and listening for His whisper as I meditate on His Word. I can see Him everywhere when I rest in His Presence.

Expecting the God’s Help in Creating Community

An introvert through and through, I feel some panic along with the excitement of moving into a new community. Meeting new people, reaching out and talking to strangers fills me with trepidation. God made us for fellowship. Not just with Him, but with others.

In my normal style, I pull my car into the garage, shut the door, and stay in my comfort zone. Me, my husband, a few good friends, and lots of books. Oh, I wave at my neighbors if I pass them, but I don’t know much about them.

So my prayer is God will nudge me to invite people onto my front porch. To sit and chat. Learn about one another. Develop relationships beyond a wave. Move me out of my comfort zone. Trust Him to work in my heart, growing and transforming me day by day.

And He’ll get me off of my porch. Get me up to say hello, start conversations with others. Build community.

I’m expecting God, and His people, on my front porch.

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