Shout to the LORD all the earth; break out in praise and sing for joy. Psalm 98:4 (ESV)

Van and I are in a Rooted group at our church. In the introduction of the book, it states, “Rooted is a catalyst for change…By rooting ourselves in God’s Word and His truths, we have a firm foundation on which we love the world,”(Rooted. Mariners Church. 2015.).

Last night’s topic was money. Not my favorite. But I found myself sharing times God has been faithful to us. Given us grace and mercy. Shown His love and care in tangible ways.

When we found our first apartment that was perfect in every way, except the rent was $25.00 a month more than we could afford. We had turned around to walk out the door, not knowing what we’d do, because in the area we had mapped out as meeting our needs, his was the last building. “Do you have any experience with being a manager?” he asked.

I can’t imagine he would think we could have experience managing an apartment building. We were 21. But Van had helped his mom manage her apartment building. And that was enough.

Mr. Hogue paid us $25.00 a month to manage the six units in that building. The exact amount we needed.

And it came with a refrigerator, so we didn’t have to buy one.

God worked to show His love and care. Just when we thought there was nothing, God provided exactly what we needed.

As I told my story last night, others shared ways God had provided for them. Every person at our table had something to share about how God met their needs.

When we share how God works, how He is faithful, we encourage ourselves and others. Remembering God’s faithfulness gives me the strength I need to take the next step when I don’t know what to do.

I do know I can trust God.

While I wait, I give exuberant praise. Telling myself and others about God’s faithfulness. Shout to the Lord, all the earth; break out in praise and sing for joy.


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