“Go home,” Mom says every time she sees me. “You shouldn’t waste your time sitting here. I’m fine.”

Me too, Mom. I’m fine sitting here. It is my joy to be here with her.

During the summer, I’m free from the responsibilities of work. There is some truth in that tee shirt and bumper-sticker quote,”Three reasons I love teaching: June, July, and August.”

For two and a half more weeks, I’m free. No lesson plans. No grading papers. No seven hours trying to get seventh graders to read and write and not throw things.

Free to spend my time serving Mom.

There’s so little I can do: hold the cup of water with the straw so she can have a drink of water. Put chapstick on. Get the nurse when the IV machine beeps-again. Or her water pitcher is empty. Wipe her face and hands with a damp towel.

Free to sit and pray while she sleeps.

Free to choose spending time with Mom who taught me the importance of kindness to others.

Free to let Mom know I learned all the things she quietly modeled throughout my life.

Free to enjoy these quiet days with someone I love.

Free to remember God loves her more than I do and actively trust Him to guide and protect.

Free to seek God’s help as I stay with this woman God blessed me with. Mom, who freely gives of herself daily.

Thank You, God, for Mom. Hold her close. Heal her. Ease her pain. Free her from worry and fear.

Thank You for giving me these free days to spend with her. They are a gift.

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