Forgiven. I am forgiven. By God Himself. Absolutely nothing compares with this gift. Given freely out of unconditional love flowing from His tender heart.

So now, I am a citizen of heaven. My Father is God Himself. Because I belong to Him, am His daughter, I learn from Him and take on His character traits. Just like I did from my earthly parents. It’s easy for me to see the ways I’m like my mom and dad. I love to read and study, just like my dad did. My tendency to neatness and order came from my mom. But the character qualities I most want to emulate are God’s.

I want His tender heart. When I take time to consider what that really means, I realize the depth of love God gives. God’s heart shows He is:
– Caring
– Charitable
– Compassionate
– Considerate
– Gentle
– Thoughtful
– Understanding
– Sympathetic
– Sensitive
– Forgiving

I want to be just like Him.

In our home, we interact most in the family room. If we sit down to talk, we sit facing one another. We entertain guests there. Even when I talk on the phone, most often I do it in the family room. Since we spend so much time here, we wrote Ephesians 4:32 under where we knew the couches belonged,

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other just as God in Christ has forgiven you.

tender heart

God looked at me and saw someone He loved despite the offense my sin caused Him. He could have turned away. Decided He didn’t want anything to do with me. Instead, He sent His beloved Son. He reached down even though I didn’t deserve it, and offered me total forgiveness.

No matter what the grievance, as a daughter of the King, how can I offer anything less? God’s heart beats in me now. Softened by His love, I can forgive as God in Christ forgave me. Gently, I can sympathize, even understand someone else’s hurtful action. I guarantee I’ve done something similar myself. As I remember the gentle, compassionate love and forgiveness I received from God, I give forgiveness.

And the result is peace in the relationship and in my heart. What a beautiful gift.

Prayer for a Tender Heart, Ephesians 4:32

Father God, words cannot express my gratitude for Your forgiveness, Your tender heart that reached out to me with unconditional love, making me a beloved daughter of the King. As Your daughter, I ask for Your tender heart. In this home, may I have Your character. May I share Your charitable, compassionate, considerate care to everyone with whom I interact. Help me show understanding and sympathy with Your gentle love. Help me, God, to forgive when others offend me. No matter how big or small the hurt, help me forgive others just as You, in Christ forgave me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

This is Day Sixteen of the #write31days2017 challenge. To read the previous posts in the #pray31daysforyourhome series, click here.

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