God Gives Abundant Blessing Minute-by-Minute

At a time when I needed to see God in the minute-by-minute of my life, I took Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare. Dare to count 1000 gifts. Gifts. Abundant blessing from God. To me. I’m so glad I did. 20245 gifts and still counting, I see more of God. When my circumstances threaten to overwhelm, I walk away and start deliberately recording gifts.

God Gives Abundant Blessing Minute-by-Minute Everyday

Yesterday, life didn’t overwhelm. The very first thing I wrote yesterday said, “So many gifts today.” The difficulty of the day doesn’t matter. God is good all the time. He Gives abundant blessing minute-by-minute. If we pay attention.

But we have to look. Deliberately take captive every thought. Fix our eyes on Jesus instead of ourselves, our problems, or distractions.

Counting gifts helps me notice more of God’s creativity. The amazing variety of textures, colors. All my life, I heard that no two snowflakes look alike. Neither do two flowers, blades of grass, spider webs. The intricacies and wonders of God’s world leave me breathless and filled with awe.



Abundant BlessingsAbundant Blessings

Abundant Blessing Reminds Me to Be Present

Counting gifts, noticing the blessing right in front of me, reminds me of the here and now. The people God places in my life who are gifts. Husband, daughter, grandchildren, friends. To me, they are God’s greatest blessings. Sharing laughter, memories, life. Whether in joy or sorrow, mundane day-to-day life or celebration, my people bring the greatest joy.

For a while, counting gifts distracted me from enjoying the people who mean the most to me. When my daughter got annoyed that I stopped every few feet to take a picture of a flower, tree, or cloud, I ignored her. Now I say “Thank You, Lord,” in my heart and keep my attention on the precious blessings of people. Present in the moments that make my heart soar.

Whether you formally count gifts or not, be aware of God’s abundant blessings in your life.

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