Hands are amazing things. They allow us to do so much.

Hands hold memories too. A high school English teacher, Penny Kittle,  and a college professor, Donald Graves, collaborated on a book to help teachers teach writing: Inside Writing. Included with the book was My Quick Writes notebook which allows teachers to practice their own writing and then use that writing as a model for their students. One of the exercises in the My Quick Writes notebook was to trace around one of your hands and then write snippets of ideas about memories you have involving using your hands.

This week, instead of writing a complete post, I leave you with Stories My Hands Can Tell, a brainstorm of ideas from things I’ve done using my hands. And while the list is not complete, it is a good way to reflect, as Jean Fleming talks about in her Bloom Book Club book, Pursue the Intentional Life.



Another day this week, I will take one of the ideas written on my hand, and use it as a blog post. In the meantime, think about your own hands. What stories do they tell?

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