A longing for more of Jesus in my day-to-day routine was one of the reasons I chose surrender as my one word for 2018. I didn’t want to leave Jesus on my desk, neatly checked as finished for the day, ready to move to the next thing on my list. Too often, in the noise of the world and its distractions, I chase after things that don’t satisfy, convinced that finding the perfect routine will allow everything to fall into place.

I thought the answer would be in finding the right routine. Routine makes me comfortable. The
right list of things to do in the right order helps me fill my day so I feel satisfied and productive. But it isn’t what I need.

What I need is more Jesus. He is my constant companion. Ever-present. I know this. Believe it. But I don’t always act like it. Too often what I learned during my quiet time fades into the background in the hustle and bustle of the day. My time with Jesus is more like bookends in the morning and as I drift off to sleep. And that is not enough.

I don’t know about you, but I talk to myself. A lot. However, talking to myself doesn’t really get me very far. No matter how hard I try to convince myself this oral list-what I call talking to myself so it sounds better-keep me going in the right direction, the reality is they often take me in circles instead. I worry and mull things over without making any progress. The result is anxiety, fear, and doubt.

Over the last two months, I have changed who I talk to. Jesus is with me every moment, so I am talking to Him. In every situation. It doesn’t matter if I get distracted, going from one thing to another, even in mid-sentence (something that drives Van crazy!). Jesus listens. I don’t hear an audible voice, but I know He’s there. Sometimes instead of anxiety, His peace that transcends all understanding fills my heart and mind. Circumstances may change. I have the strength to bear a difficult circumstance I didn’t think I could bear. At least for the next step. Just the knowledge of His faithfulness, love, and goodness helps me.

How to Talk to Jesus All Day

Invite Jesus into the Conversation. Instead of talking to myself, I talk to Jesus. A running dialogue with Him as I go about my day. Whether I’m doing laundry, driving to an appointment, eating lunch, or watching the robin outside my window. I confide my hopes and dreams, my disappointments and failures. When I invite Jesus into my conversation, I receive His comfort and encouragement instead of my own condemnation. He comforts, advises, encourages, and admonishes in the moment. I don’t have to wait until morning devotions or evening prayer or Sunday service.

Meditate on His Word. When I think about His Word throughout the day instead of closing my Bible and forgetting what I read, I allow His Word to permeate my thoughts. The Holy Spirit makes connections for me. Those “ah-ha!” moments are one way He talks to me. When I’m discouraged and tired, a verse I know comforts and encourages. His Word reminds me to persevere and to cast my burdens on Him instead of carrying them alone.

Pray about Everything. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal with a Dear God at the beginning and an Amen at the end. A whispered, “Help me!” in the midst of a problem or unforeseen circumstance reminds me Jesus is right there, calms my heart. When I know I sin, even that impatient tone of voice, “I’m sorry,” helps me change my attitude immediately. Saying “Thank You,” for the gifts He gives throughout the day.


Talk to Jesus today. Share your hopes and dreams, your fears and sorrows. Let Him comfort and encourage. He loves you. Just the way you are.

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