My husband, Van, adores me. How do I know? He shows me every day in a multitude of ways.
He says, “I love you,” throughout the day. When he walks by my office or through the kitchen. When he kisses me hello or good night. In texts. While we watch TV.

He insists on “face-time.” Just the two of us, sitting across from one another, talking about our day, hopes and dreams, disappointments. His attention is on me. Phone put away. TV off. It’s just Van and Debbie, talking and sharing from our hearts. He listens and he shares what’s on his heart too.

Some days I get a text or a call, “Hey Sweetie, I stopped at the market and got some stuff for dinner. Punctuated by emoji hearts.

Or that chore I don’t want to do is magically done when I get home.

Whenever we’re out together, he holds my hand.

I’ve overheard him brag about me to his friends when he doesn’t know I’m listening.

Those are just a few of the ways Van shows he adores me.

I can learn a lot from Van about how to treat the God I adore.

Ways to Show God I Adore Him

Tell God “I love you”

I can tell God, “I love you,” throughout the day. When my eyes first pop open, before I do anything else. As I count gifts. Each gift I see or hear is from God. When I say, “I love you, God. Thank you!” I acknowledge the giver of the gift.  When I start and finish anything—cooking a meal, teaching a lesson, talking to someone on the phone, scrolling through FaceBook—if I tell God, “I love you,” it keeps me focused on Him instead of me. If I truly adore God, I want Him the center of everything I do. I praise Him and thank Him for His involvement in every area of my life. Nothing is too big or too small for God.


I need“face-time” with God. That means I spend time in His presence. I read His Word with open eyes and heart and mind. While I read, I listen for His voice of love, correction, direction. And then I must apply His Word to my life. It isn’t enough for me to read it. I must do what it says (James 1:22-25) “Face-time” with God includes prayer–pouring out my heart to Him, sharing my hopes and dreams and disappointments. And listening to Him. What does God have for me today?


I should serve God in regular ministry and whenever and, wherever I can, be His hands and feet. I can smile at the weary clerk at the store. Pray out loud with a coworker or friend when they share a heartache. Let someone else go ahead of me in line.


I brag about God to others. When I specifically tell others how God answers my prayers, meets my need, and carries my burdens, He is more real. Bragging about God gives Him the glory and lets others know how I really make it through the tough times. 

I adore God. I want to show Him my adoration in a multitude of ways. I would love to know how you show your adoration.


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