I’m not much of a partier. Big crowds, even of people I know, make me uncomfortable. Sometime in the middle of the day, I try to make a quiet escape, hoping no one notices. A gift walk, focusing on God, refreshes me so I can join the festivities again. When it’s time for celebration, I prefer a small group, a more intimate gathering of friends.

Today I have something to celebrate. And you, the people who stop here, are my friends. The very people I want to invite to join me in a celebration.

Need for Surrender

A year ago, I decided to stop blogging. I felt overwhelmed by the events and circumstances of life. Weariness enveloped me like a thick fog. While I couldn’t do much about most things, I could stop writing.

I loaded several different games of solitaire on my phone and played those over and over, seeing if I could earn a message of my fastest time or most points.

In the middle of those mindless games, I heard God whisper, Why aren’t you writing?

I brushed Him off. Again and again. I ignored the nagging feeling every time I clicked on the solitaire icon on my phone.

Until He said, You’re acting like Jonah, turning away from what I’m asking you to do. Write.

Celebration of Surrender

Finally, I surrendered. With trepidation, I deleted those games from my phone, powered up my computer, and started writing again. After all, my blog title, Uncharted Water, Trusting God Whatever Comes My Way, claims I trust God. Even when He asks me to write.


Writing needs community. You reading what I write and encouraging me with your comments brings joy in the journey. Thank you for coming here, reading these words, and being a part of my life.

Celebration of Change

Uncharted Water has a new look! I wanted to make it easier to navigate and more reader-friendly. I’m glad you’re here to celebrate with me. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and join me in seeing the changes. Linger for a while. Will you also let me know what you think? Write a comment before you leave. The best part of any celebration is spending time talking with friends.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating Uncharted Water’s new look!

I am grateful to Dan King and Susan Stillwell of Fistbump Media for the beautiful design and other website help in improving Uncharted Water. If you want a change in design, blog maintenance, or additional blog help, Fistbump Media can answer your questions.

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