I have joy in my heart today. Joy because after work, I go to visit my mom for the weekend. She lives half-way between my home and the conference I attend this weekend. During the day, I’ll be learning new ways to teach my seventh graders, but the evenings I’ll have time to sit and visit with Mom.

Mom spoils me. Although she’s eighty, she insists on treating me like royalty when I visit. She makes dinner, does the dishes, brings me tea and dessert while we sit on the sofa in the family room and talk and laugh. “You’re my precious baby,” she says when I try to help. “You worked all day; let me do it.” Her joy in my visit spills over into serving. She serves with joy and love.

I have joy in my heart today. Joy because I visit my Lord this morning. Before the hustle and bustle of the work day begins, I spend time reading His Word, praising Him in prayer, asking to be His hands and feet when I interact with my students today.

I am His precious child. He served me with joy and love. So much love He gave His life for me.

I pray the time I spend visiting God today causes my joy in Him to spill over into my serving Him.  Serving with joy and love in the Name of Jesus.

Today is Five Minute Friday. I join Kate Motaung as she hosts a writing party. Visit her site today to be encouraged.Five-Minute-Friday-4

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