Our sailboat was anchored in a pristine cove on Santa Cruz Island, thirty-two miles off the coast of Ventura. After breakfast, we got in the dinghy to explore the coastline and some of the caves. The only thing that disturbed the cries of the gulls was the whine of our motor. As we zipped across the chop of the ocean, joy filled my heart.


Everywhere I looked I saw evidence of God’s creativity and majesty. Pelicans soaring in formation, suddenly nose-diving into the ocean for their breakfast. A pod of dolphins playing, birds perched on the cliffs chirping good morning.


Looking over the side of the dinghy into the crystal clear navy blue water and green water, I could see schools of fish weaving through the green kelp forests.

When we got to the entrance of one of the caves, Van slowed the dinghy. A shaft of sunlight shot through a hole in the top of the cave, warming the water. We bobbed gently, taking in the beauty of this sheltered place.

Suddenly, a brown face popped up out of the water, staring at us, water dripping from his slicked-back brown fur. He stared for a moment or two and disappeared under the dinghy, reappearing at the stern of the dinghy. Again and again, he plunged into the water and then burst back to stare at us, a game of peek-a-boo. Until finally he swam back into the open ocean.


An Ocean of Reminders of Who God Is

I love the ocean. Whether I’m sitting on the beach, sitting on a sailboat, or driving down the coast, the ocean reminds me of God.

An Ocean of Creativity

Every bird, fish, plant, sea creature a different size, color, texture. The constantly changing surface and color of the water. Pink and orange clouds streaking across the sky at sunrise and sunset. Seagulls cry and the water lapping against the shore.

An Ocean of Power and Might

The vast ocean that stays where God placed it.

You, our Creator, formed the earth,
   and you hold it all together so it will never fall apart.
You poured the ocean depths over the planet,
   submerging mountains beneath,
Yet at the sound of your thunder-shout
   the waters all fled away, filling the deep with seas.
The mountains rose and the valleys sank
   to the levels you decreed for them.
Then you set a boundary line for the seas
   and commanded them not to trespass.
(Psalm 104: 5-9 TPT)

An Ocean of His Goodness and Kindness

God’s goodness and kindness shows in His care for His creation. He supplies the needs of every living thing. And His creatures sing His praises.

You provide drink for every living thing;
   men and beasts have their thirst quenched because of you.
The birds build nests near the tranquil streams,
   chirping their joyous songs from the branches above.
From your kindness, you send the rain to water the mountains
   from the upper rooms of your palace.
Your goodness brings forth fruit for all to enjoy.
(Psalm 104:11-13 TPT)

God created the ocean. And we can see Him there. His character and love for us evident in the beauty of His work.

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