My one word for 2016 is persevere. I chose it because 2015 tried to derail me. I grew weary and complained. A lot. I spent too much time longing for the storm to end. I allowed the crashing waves and fog to permeate my thoughts. I saw only what was in front of me. I need to change my mind-set. I must plan to persevere. 

Plan to Persevere

As I contemplate my word, persevere, I realize there are dangers I want—need—to avoid. You see, I don’t want to clench my teeth, put my head down, and plow through with a dour outlook. I don’t want to cower in the corner, waiting for life to get better, holding on until it does.

I want to face the storms and the fog with peace and joy and hope. If I trust God—and I do—then my attitude and countenance need to show that I trust Him. My face, my demeanor, the tone of my voice, should not be gloomy and resigned, but show my hope in Christ.

Great goals, but HOW? How do I plan for success?

This year, I want to look at PERSEVERANCE. Use the letters of the word as a jumping off place to draw me nearer to God, to look to Him instead of my circumstances.

Look at all the possibilities of P alone:
  • Pray like I breathe. Continually. Naturally.
  • Praise at all times, in all circumstances. There is always something to give thanks for.
  • Promise: cling to God’s promises. Claim them for my own. Trust He will fulfill each one.
  • Practice trust and joy and hope. Don’t wait until I feel them, deliberately choose to focus on what I know
  • Pursue God. His Will, His Way instead of my own.
  • Put down burdens. Cast all my cares on Him.
  • Plan my course, but remember Who directs my steps.
  • Prepare for each day by starting with Jesus. Spend time with Him first.
  • Peace guards my heart and mind when I do all of these things. Peace instead of worry and fear.
  • Psalms: this year I am reading Timothy Keller’s book, The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. “The psalms lead us to do what the psalmists do—to commit ourselves to God through pledges and promises, to depend on God through petition and expressions of acceptance, to seek comfort in God through lament and complaint, to find mercy from God through confession and repentance, to gain new wisdom and perspective from God through meditation, remembrance, and reflection.” ( Introduction, page ix)

Persevere, but not alone. He never leaves me nor forsakes me. He is with me every step of the way, encouraging me. Loving me. Guiding me.

How will you persevere through hard times this year? What hope do you have in God? Do you have any P words to help me as I run my race this year? I’d love to hear from you.

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