Swimming is the one kind of exercise I’ll do. It helps me keep my weight and my stress under control. And I need to get back in the pool. Soon. Almost the entire month of January is gone, and I have done no swimming. Because I haven’t prepared. No swim bag with towels, suit, or goggles. I can drive to the gym, but I can’t swim if my swim bag is on the floor of my office. If I really want to swim, I have to prepare.

Prepare to Persevere

If I really want to persevere through the challenges each day brings, I must prepare. I can’t wait until the unexpected happens and then react, I have to be ready. All. The. Time.

Just like there are specific things I need to be ready to swim, I can prepare in specific ways so when things don’t go according to my plan, I persevere.

  • Immerse myself in God’s Word. Memorize it. Meditate on it. When I don’t know what to do or how to do it, God’s Word speaks to me. Encourages. Teaches. Keeps me going. Keep His Word in front of me. Live it. Breathe it. Know it. Believe it.
  • Pray. When my eyes open and my  feet hit the floor. On my way to school. Before anything comes out of my mouth. Pray for help. The right words and tone of voice. When all seems too much to bear, take a minute and pray.
  • Keep reminders of how He’s worked in my life before. Look back at all the ways He’s shown His goodness and love in my life before. Remember His trustworthiness and faithfulness. His grace and mercy. God never fails.
  •  Rejoice with singing. Listen to worship music and sing it all day long. Make it the background of grateful joy in my soul, overflowing into my day. Helping me persevere when the noise of my surroundings threaten my peace

If I’m going to swim, I must prepare. And I must prepare to persevere and stay the course God sets for me.


Prepare to Persevere

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