I’m trying a new devotional this year, and I love it. Timothy Keller’s The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. Today, I read Psalm 23, arguably one of the most beloved of all the psalms. My mother’s favorite. The psalm my pastor encouraged me to memorize fifty years ago when I was preparing to become a member of my church. I chose to memorize a different psalm–I think it was something shorter, but honestly, I don’t remember.

I didn’t understand the value of learning God’s Word when I was eleven.

The Value of Remembering God’s Word

Now, at sixty, I know the value of memorizing–and remembering–God’s Word. The Word that guards my heart and mind when it lives there. When I have choices to make, His Word

  • Protects me from Satan’s schemes. Quenches the fiery darts (Ephesians 6:16).
  • Comforts me when I struggle (Psalm 119:50).
  • Guides me and lights my path (Psalm 119:105).
  • When I feel like I’m walking around in circles, unsure of where I’m going or how to get there, it makes my paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).
  • Gives freedom and blesses what I do (James 1:25-26)
Remembering God’s Word is a Tangible Way to See Him Working in My Life

God uses His Word to whisper in my ear, or shout if I don’t pay attention. At just the right moment, the Word I took time to memorize, floods my mind and like a pebble thrown into a lake, ripples throughout my entire being. I may not be able to see God, but I hear the Truth of His Word. He uses His Word to remind me He’s with me.

Remembering God’s Word Changes Me

Memorizing God’s Word is pointless if all I learn are the words. Memorizing must involve meditation–letting His Words infuse my life, become part of my being. I must act on the Word, or I deceive myself about my walk with God (James 1:22-25). My natural inclinations are replaced with God’s patterns.


How Do I Remember His Word?

The best way I found to memorize His Word is to keep it with me. I write verses on cards and carry them in my purse and car. I frame the verse I’m working on and keep it on my desk. When I stand in line or wait for Van to find just the right nail at the hardware store, I repeat the verse. When I swim, I say the verses I know. Reviewing past verses is as important to me as learning new ones. Otherwise, I forget. I keep the verses I know on a ring and spend time rehearsing them.

God’s Word in my heart and mind. Infused into my very being. Guiding. Encouraging. Correcting. Reminding. Lighting my way.

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