Fifty-four days until we move. No boxes packed yet; closets call my name. The boxes on my calendar slowly fill up with play dates with friends I want to see, be with, talk to before I go.

People, God keeps reminding me, are far more important than tasks. Remember the old song,

Make new friends,

but keep the old.

One is silver

And the other gold.

Friendship Requires Time to Play

I don’t just want to wave goodbye from the moving truck, leaving people I love and like behind, hoping they’ll come visit. It’s important they know how much they mean to me. Their value

Friendships of twenty, thirty, forty years (what blessings from God!) require nourishment. Time together. Play.

Scheduling time together provides opportunity for several things:

  • Laughter-no one laughs better than long time friends. We reminisce over fun times. Stories only we share.
  • Wisdom-many of my most treasured friends provide wise counsel when I don’t see how to resolve an issue. When I’m unaware of my own need to change. Their wise advice and gentle nudges help move me forward.
  • Joy-God provided each of these dear friends. Just being in their presence reminds me of His faithfulness and goodness.
  • More memories-every person I schedule play time with means more than words can express. While I won’t be far, weekly coffee dates or seeing friends at church or work won’t happen anymore. I want memories stored, ready to take out, look at, and smile about when I miss a friend.

And so, I leave the boxes in the corner, knowing soon I can’t ignore them any longer. My new adventure awaits. The love and care of friends helps provide the courage to step into making new friendships. Enjoying my life-long friends now paves the way for inviting people to my new front porch.

Thank you, dear friends, for taking time for lingering over coffee, laughter at the beach, promises to visit. I love you.

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