Surrendered Worship: Lessons from Jonah Part Two

“What was I thinking?” I asked myself. I don’t like talking to strangers, yet I’m on my way to walk into the hospital room of someone I don’t know and pray for them. “Maybe I shouldn’t do this. I can’t be the right person for this job. Give me the words, Lord. Open my heart to listen and show Your care.”

God answered my prayer that day. And every time I surrender my natural inclination to avoid strangers and instead offer them the love of Christ. No need to make conversation, just a willingness to listen and offer compassion.

It never gets easier for me. Continue reading “Surrendered Worship: Lessons from Jonah Part Two”

Want to Simplify? Surrender to God

Simplify your life! A new mantra for a world filled with too much to do. The constant striving to have it all doesn’t bring the happiness we thought it would. Instead, we run from one thing to another until we’re exhausted, stressed, and grouchy. And so we get on our computers and search for ways to simplify. Find ways to strip away the hustle and find meaningful. Continue reading “Want to Simplify? Surrender to God”

Destination Surrender: Lessons from Jonah, Part One

Refusing to Surrender to God’s Destination

No matter my destination, GPS makes my life easier. Since I have no sense of direction, using GPS makes getting somewhere less frustrating. I don’t have to turn around nearly as often. Notice I didn’t say I never have to turn around. Sometimes I miss the street the lady told me to turn because I also struggle with distance. Is this street the one in 250 feet? Or is it the next one? (Now you understand why I taught English and history instead of math.) Patiently, she doesn’t yell but plays a little chord of music and adjusts the directions. No matter how many times I need to make a change, she lets me know the next step. As long as I listen and follow her directions, I get to my destination.

Jonah didn’t need GPS. When God called him to Nineveh, he knew exactly where his destination was and how to get there. While he agreed with God’s assessment of Nineveh’s wickedness, Jonah boarded a boat going in the opposite direction. Continue reading “Destination Surrender: Lessons from Jonah, Part One”