Thankful for Friends Who Refresh Our Soul

Remembering Good Friends

The wagon full of dolls bumped behind me as I walked to my best friend, Susan’s, house to spend the afternoon. Every day we could, we spent together.

The first time my daughter got a cold, I didn’t know what to do. I called my friend, Jule, drove over with cold medicine and a measuring spoon. She stayed with me until Kim quit fussing and fell asleep.

I walked into my classroom and found it filled with blue and yellow balloons and streamers. A huge sign announced UCLA national basketball champions. My friend, Denise, got to school early to decorate my room and help me celebrate my team’s victory.

Sitting across from me, my friend Cristina, grabbed my hands and prayed with me, her words a balm on my troubled heart.

Unsure how to proceed, I called my friend, Sylvia. She became a sounding board, helping me think and apply God’s Word to a difficult situation.

I could fill page after page of stories about all of the times friends enriched my life. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts God blesses us with. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. No two look or act the same. Each plays a different role but without friends, life loses some of its flavor and joy. Friends refresh our soul.

Ways Our Friends Refresh Our Soul
  • Laugh with us. We can enjoy life more when we celebrate together.
  • Cry with us. They walk through the valleys, holding us up so we don’t feel so lost or alone.
  • Listen to us. They pay attention when we struggle and offer wisdom, sharing their own life stories to encourage and help point the way so we can persevere.
  • Comfort us in times of pain and suffering. Friends know just what we need and offer a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a meal, words of encouragement.
  • Pray for us and with us.
A Prayer for Our Friends

Paul, in his letter to the church in Ephesus, lifted his friends in prayer. I pray his prayer for each of my friends:

I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. (Ephesians 1: 16-19).


Who are you thankful for today? As you #chooseathankfulheart, which friends refresh your soul? I would love you to share their name and something about that friend for which you are thankful. And I will join you in lifting them in prayer.

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Author: Debbie Putman

I am a child of God, seeking to trust Him in every joy and sorrow. Sharing my walk is my husband, Van. God blessed me with two beautiful daughters and three delightful grandchildren. I teach seventh grade English and History, love to read and bake cookies, watch the birds in my backyard, and the ocean.

33 thoughts on “Thankful for Friends Who Refresh Our Soul”

    1. Yes, Meg, one person in our lives can make a difference. Thank You, Lord, for the friends in Meg’s life who make a difference.

  1. Sweet, sweet post. Friendship sits in my thoughts lately – thanksgiving too. Debbie, you’ve helped me connect them together. Currently, most of my good friends live hundreds of miles away. I give thanks for them as well as the one or two close friendships forming locally. #heartencouragementThursday

    1. Lord, thank You for the friends Kristi can count on, even though they live hundreds of miles away. Help her develop new bonds of friendships. Amen.

  2. It’s during this season especially that I think of the dear friends I am ever so grateful for! Love the scripture you chose for this post! I’ll have to add it to some gifts that I plan to give to my friends!

    1. Selena, I love the idea of adding this verse to gifts for friends. I’ll do that too. Lord, thank You for the dear friends in Selena’s life. May they be blessed with Your Word as Selena shows her love and gratitude with gifts to them. Amen.

  3. The beauty of friendship, it’s such a gift. I am thankful for all of my friends. My friend Laura comes to mind. We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years and have been through so much together. She makes me laugh and is compassionate and full of grace.

  4. Aw, I love hearing these sweet stories of friendship, Debbie! I have a lifelong friend who is currently undergoing tests to see if she has cancer anywhere other than her colon. She’s blessed me by asking me to go with her to several of her doctor appointments. Friends forever.

    1. Dear Lord, thank You for Lisa who shows her friend Your love and care by going with her to doctor appointments. Bless this time of fellowship with joy. Heal Lisa’s friend and let there be no new cancer. Amen.

  5. HI Debbie,
    What a wonderful post. I wanted to write about this topic a few weeks ago but didn’t know how to tackle it. You addressed it beautifully!! As women, we need friends and they are a huge part of our lives. I had an unexpected encounter with a friend last night that God used to knit our hearts as we shared. God works mightily through our friends and I am in awe that He is so gracious to do so – after all, we only “need” Him…. 🙂 s

    1. Thank you, Char. While we do only need Him, friends serve as His hands and feet, encouraging and serving. God, thank You for Char’s friend who listened and shared with Char. Thank You for knitting their hearts together in unexpected ways that blessed Char.

    1. Julie, It is a blessing when God gives us friends. Praying your friends encourage, embrace, and cheer you on. And you do the same for them.

  6. My wonderful friends have meant so much to me! Today I’m thankful for my friend Heather, who has prayed, encouraged, and invested in me for 16 years. She always makes me feel comfortable and it’s always so easy for us to talk with each other about the deeper things going on in our lives. So glad I dropped by from Trekking Thru, and thanks for visiting my blog as well!

    1. I’m glad you dropped by here, too, Laura. It’s great being able to visit other people’s blogs and be encouraged by their journeys. I appreciate those who provide opportunities for linking to their blogs!

      Thank You, God, for Laura’s friend, Heather. For her prayers and encouragement of Laura. As iron sharpens iron, I ask Heather and Laura continue to grow in Christ together as they look always to You.

  7. Debbie, I love your tribute to your friends. As someone who has recently gone through a major transition in life, it is easy for me to see who my true friends are. They are the ones who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I could not do life without their support and encouragement.
    You’ve given me some ideas of how I can make a point to thank them today!

    Thanks for the meaningful reminder!

    1. Lord, thank You for Rachels’s faithful friends who walk alongside her through joy and sorrow, never falling away. Thank You for their support and encouragement. They are Your hands and feet, giving Your comfort and peace in the hard places. Bless each one with Your peace. Amen.

  8. I am thankful today and everyday in the past 15 years for my husband. He has been my rock and my home. He helped me to know God and understand my worth in Christ. I am forever grateful that God blessed me with him as it is a great joy to be his wife.

  9. I am so thankful for all my friends. Some already in heaven and those still on earth. Last week I was really thankful for my friend Sherry who came to my doctor’s appointment with me because my husband was out of town and she knew I hate needles and I was getting an injection in my shoulder. She texted me in the morning to make sure there wasn’t something I needed. Then picked me up in the afternoon. She chatted in the waiting room and exam room and kept my focus on anything but the needle. When it was time for the injection,. she wouldn’t let me look at the ten foot rusty needle (LOL) and held my hand and made me look at her. Then she took me out for chocolate cake. Boy did I feel pampered and loved. What a good friend. She later told me she wasn’t sure what top do, so she Googled, what to do to help a friend afraid of needles. Yup, appreciating her kindness.

    1. Wow, Theresa, what a precious friend! Thank You, Lord, for Theresa’s friend who truly drew alongside and encouraged.

    1. Lord, thank You for the beautiful women in Anita’s life. Thank you that they encourage one another and refresh each other’s souls. May they continue to encourage and build each other up as they walk through life together, seeking You. Amen.

  10. Indeed! The Lord created us for community! I am in a season of very few friendships, and I miss that fellowship for sure.

    Friendships are a wonderful blessings from the Lord. Thanks for sharing the many ways we are blessed in that regard.

    1. Lord, Draw near to Karen in this season of few friendships. Bring new friends into her life and bless her with sweet fellowship. Amen.

  11. I’m especially thankful this morning as I wake up from my first solid nights sleep in 5 days, remembering the many old and new friends who came together on mission for Jesus over the those restless days. As a team we partnered with a recipient family and the help of the Holy Spirit, to built a new house! I had the privilege of experiencing new and growing friendships as well as deepening older ones! What a joy to serve as the hands & feet of Jesus side-by-side with good friends all. Thanks so much for this post and these reminders of the blessing of true friends who speak life into our souls.

    1. Lord, thank You for friends who serve together, partnering with the Holy Spirit to spread Your love and hope in the world. Bless their efforts with more people coming into Your family. Amen.

  12. Debbie, I love the images you’ve put with this post, but in answer to your question, I’m thankful for the friends who have worshiped beside me for almost 20 years in my home church. We’ve come through a lot together, and often I find myself tired and grumpy about many things in “the church gathered,” but God uses the steady faithfulness of others to call me back.

    1. Thanks, Michele. Images are usually the most challenging for me, so I’m glad you like these! Lord, thank You for Michele’s faithful friends who call her back to joy in worship when she’s tired and grumpy. May she be filled with joy as they stand together, praising You in worship. Amen.

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