Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I am think about Christmas every day. Christmas decorations and reminders about Christmas are part of my decor all year round. I send public service reminders (or public annoyance notices, depending on who you are) about how many days are left until Christmas about every fifty days. My house is decorated, including the tree with all the presents wrapped, the day after Thanksgiving. I keep a few of my favorite Christmas songs on my playlist so I can hear them all year long.

But one song, The Little Drummer Boy, I don’t like very well. Really, as a parent and grandparent, who would want someone banging on a drum near a sleeping baby? Forget about a silent night or peace on earth, good will toward men.

However, as He often does, God asked me to rethink my opinion of this song. He wanted me to learn a lesson from this song I dismissed so easily. He did it because the worship director, Brian Wurzell, at my church, Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga, California, showcased it not once, but twice this season. With really loud drums. And people smiling and clapping, and enjoying.

Some of the words of that song that caught my attention:

So to honor Him

When we come

I have no gift to bring

That’s fit to bring a king

I played my best for him

Then he smiled at me

Those words made me realize the value of this song. Christmas is to honor my King. My Savior.

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There is no gift I have that is fit for Him.

But when I give Him what I have, when I offer Him all of me, He smiles.

He doesn’t compare my gift with someone else’s. He doesn’t tell me he doesn’t like it. He takes it with grace and love.


Jesus, the perfect gift, gave all He had. He loves me unconditionally. I could not ask for a better gift.

So to honor Him, I receive His gift. I honor Him with when I extend HIs gift of love and grace to others.

Happy birthday to my King.


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