I love my comfort zone. Order and routine. Plans and check-off lists. I like to stick with what I know, and do things I’m confident I can accomplish successfully. Predictability is my friend.

Out of My Comfort Zone

Except staying there doesn’t seem to be part of God’s plan. He wants me to rely not on myself, but on Him. He plunges me into uncharted water. A vast sea of unfamiliar and unknown. Unwanted.

I see nothing but endless ocean, stretched in every direction. And I don’t know where to take the boat. I don’t even see any way to steer it. Nowhere is there a sail, motor, or pair of oars. It’s just me in the boat.

I respond with panic, fear and anxiety. I grumble and worry and whine.  Oh, I pray, but my prayer is a one-sided litany of I can’t and I don’t know how.

Jesus Is My Comfort Zone

Until finally, I listen. The Truth slowly penetrates my panic. I’m never alone in the boat. Jesus is my comfort zone. How can I worry about changes in my life, when He never changes?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever Hebrews 13:8.

Why do I worry when I know He never leaves me? (Hebrews 13:5 and Deuteronomy 31:6)

Staying in My True Comfort Zone

I see God do amazing things when I stay in my true my comfort zone and let Him lead me, relying on His power and strength instead of my own. He transforms me into who He created me to become. The fruit of the Spirit blossoms and grows, ready to offer others.

To stay in my true comfort zone, I must pray with more than my fear and anxiety. The Psalms show a pattern of talking to God in the midst of uncharted water: express the problem honestly but never forget God’s faithfulness. Always praise Him, even in the midst of pain and the unknown. This week, I read Psalm 13, and while I don’t face the problems David did, his psalm provides a model of staying in my true comfort zone.

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