Simplify your life! A new mantra for a world filled with too much to do. The constant striving to have it all doesn’t bring the happiness we thought it would. Instead, we run from one thing to another until we’re exhausted, stressed, and grouchy. And so we get on our computers and search for ways to simplify. Find ways to strip away the hustle and find meaningful.

Meaningful. Isn’t that what we truly want? To find the things that matter and focus on those. Family. Friends. Activities we enjoy and want to do.

Retirement Allowed Me to Simplify

I expected retirement to help me simplify my life. No longer having to plan lessons, grade papers, email parents. Vacations and weekends free from a card table in the middle of the living room stacked with essays waiting for me to read while I tried to catch up with housework and football. And it has.

It’s amazing how quickly I found things to fill those hours. Good things that I enjoy and matter to me. More time with Van learning about our new community and state. Running errands and meeting friends during the day instead of after work. Getting all the laundry finished before 3:oo and not leaving a load in the washer and another in the dryer to do tomorrow. But I don’t want a new list of things, no matter how good, to keep me from what matters most in my life. God.

Simplify Means Surrender

To truly simplify my life, I need to change my focus from me to Him. Surrender to His plan, not just in the things I do, but in my attitudes and behavior. Our pastor reminded me that God specifically put His image on people (Genesis 1:27). I need to reflect Him, so when others see me, they see the character of God.

On my own, that’s impossible. Only through surrender to the Holy Spirit can I prune away my selfishness and pride and reflect the love and goodness of God.

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